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Mogadishu Was A Mogadishu Idea

The beauty about digital/social media is the speed at which consumer feedback comes flying at you.

After posting my review of a Mogadishu commercial, I was inundated with feedback. All of it negative.

Simply put, the review was not funny.

On further introspection, I realised that reviewing advertising campaigns would make this blog just another Ads Of The World, and that’s not what this blog was set up to be.

So, I’ve deleted the post, and junked the Mogadishu idea.

And learnt all over again that in advertising, in life, one must be true to one’s brand.

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Mogadishu Creative

At the risk of offending people in advertising – including, but not restricted to – the good folks who keep me employed – I’m considering starting a new section on my blog to review ad campaigns.

I plan to pick out work that’s of a different level altogether. The type of work for which no publicity is better than any publicity. The sort of work done out of desperation, ignorance and indifference. The sort of work best suited to be showcased in an agency from…say…Mogadishu.

Many thanks to Spiky for the name.

The first Mogadishu post is coming up soon. Submissions welcome.

And for those who ask me after every post – “What is the insight?” – this series is an insight into the consumer mind after exposure to the campaign.

Clients can thank me later.