I began my career as a copywriter, working primarily on ads for television, print and radio. Sometime in 2009, I came to the realisation that brand engagement should last longer than 30 seconds, and moved over to the digital medium.

And you could say I got hooked.

I created this blog as a place to help me formulate, crystallise and express my ideas on digital marketing. The unexpected side-effect was that I suddenly started to be perceived as one of the thought leaders in digital marketing in India. In fact, this blog has played a significant role in getting me both my last two jobs. For more on my professional life, click the Connect button in the widget at the top of the blog.

I’m currently working as Brand Lead at Google India. I’m part of the Marketing team, tasked with conceptualising and execute marketing communications campaigns for Google in India.

I don’t blog as often as I should, but I hope that my sporadic efforts are worth it.

I’m always happy to answer questions and help talented people get into the field of digital marketing. Feel free to reach me via email, LinkedIn or Twitter.

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