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Going Places

It’s important for a professional – in any industry – to regularly pause and take stock of his or her career.

One must look within, and look without, and see clearly and objectively where one is going in one’s career.

One needs to know whether one is moving forward, standing still, or – worse – moving backwards.

One needs to know where one stands in the organisation, vis-a-vis one’s colleagues and competitors.

One also needs to know where one wishes to go, and how to get there.

Here are my answers to the aforementioned questions.

I have looked within and without, and I see clearly where I have just gone in my career – to a 2-seat cubicle with a window seat. The window overlooks CR2, with an interesting view of the mall’s circular parking lot.

I have moved forward, in the same direction as before. Imagine a rectangle with four corners – A, B, C, D. I started around A, moved to somewhere between B and C (closer to B), then moved to C, and now am around the midpoint of the segment CD.

I am well aware of where I stand – and sit – in the organisation. In the cubicle in front of me are Ocean and Playboy. In the cabin behind are Loud and Low. To my left is my art partner, LooksGayButClaimsHeIsn’t. Beyond him is the rest of the Linteractive team. To my right is the window.

I know where I wish to go – a window seat in a cabin with a sea view. The sea view coincides with a view of the swimming pool at the Hilton, which satisfies all my voyeuristic tendencies.

How do I get there?

By grabbing this opportunity with both hands and delivering some kick-fucking-ass digital campaigns. Or taking credit for some 😉

Now, after having completed this high-priority exercise, I shall get back to work with the suggestion that you too do the same, without any delay.

PS. LooksGayButClaimsHeIsn’t has requested (begged, pleaded, bribed) me to change his nickname on my blog. So I shall be referring to him as MetrosexualMan from my next post.


3 thoughts on “Going Places

  1. The sea view is not too shabby, admittedly. Okay, try as I might, haven't yet caught a glimpse of Honey Ryder; at dawn or dusk.Truth is, who you sit with matters just as much. Have loved my time with CopyRanter, in no small measure due to the conversations we've had. It's just that simple, build cultures of conversations.


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