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Hashtag Wars

Call me a troll, but some things need to be trolled.

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5 thoughts on “Hashtag Wars

  1. To me, this incident has a very clear lesson … your hash tags need to be own-able. You can't use a generic tag … it has to be based on your brand idea. Much like a consumer can recognise a Vodafone or Pepsi ad even when it doesn't have the branding … the same needs to be true of everything … even hashtags. What does 'Being single' uniquely have to do with Cinnabon?I think it was a killer guerrilla idea by Lifestyle store and looking at the tweets … I felt they backed off too soon and could have actually rode the wave a lot more.This post and my comments have given me a great idea. I for one am definitely looking forward to your hashtags on Diwali, Christmas, etc. and try hijacking those for my own brands 😉


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