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Have Toys, Will Play (Part 2)

For all those who read and enjoyed my last blog post, Have Toys, Will Play, here’s an update. A couple of more ways ordinary folk are using digital media and taking it mainstream. How could I have forgotten these in the first place?

Pack Your Bags

Flight Tracker for Android

My sister-in-law’s husband is the very definition of the term ‘frequent flyer’. He travels every other week, very often to small towns whose names we insist he’s making up. So, to help him in his voyages, he’s bought – I repeat, bought – two applications on his iPhone, which he now absolutely swears by.

Flight Tracker helps him check the flight status of any flight, on any airline, anywhere across the world. It’s also helpful when he has to receive people at an airport – the app even tells him when a flight has left the departure gate!

Indian Railways for Android

The other app he bought is the (unofficial) Indian Railways schedule and status app. This one has detailed timetables, information on delays, etc. Invaluable for someone who spends nights travelling all across the country from one meeting to another.

Honestly, there’s no better way to stay updated for a frequent traveller than on his mobile. And this is a trend that’s only going to get bigger.

Home Shopping Network, Anyone?

Buying a home is never easy. Buying a home in Mumbai is even tougher. And buying a home that’s under construction directly from a builder is sort of like attempting the twelve tasks of Hercules with your eyes blindfolded.

The private Facebook group for
Runwal Greens homeowners

That’s why a group of people who have bought (or are thinking of buying) flats at Runwal Greens, Mulund, have banded together to create this group. Here, they discuss everything from parking allotment letters to agreement clauses, upload photos fresh from the site, and generally discuss the opportunity.

The tone of the group’s discussions are honest, helpful and transparent. People freely voice their opinions, express doubts, counsel doubts and offer advice. It’s a true reflection of the helpful, social nature of the Internet today.


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