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Jay Ka Freelance: Youngistaan Ka Blechhh!

what the fuck is "youngistaan ka wow" anyway?

A former colleague of mine, named Jay, and I used to have a running gag.

Every time we saw a shitty ad on TV or on the back of a bus or pasted on the train, we used to tell each other, “Haan, yeh tera freelance hai na?”

Over the years, that imaginary freelance portfolio grew rather heavy, packed with work that would get each of us NCD gigs in shops like Amar Advertising (all agencies mentioned in this post are fictional; any resemblance to agencies currently existing are purely coincidental).

In that spirit, I’m going to post the occasional affront to human dignity on this blog, in a category all of its own.

Welcome to Jay Ka Freelance. We kick off with the shittiest ad on TV at the moment, and raise a Coca-Cola in its honour.

If this one doesn’t get him that Amar Advertising, nothing will.


2 thoughts on “Jay Ka Freelance: Youngistaan Ka Blechhh!

  1. Definitely the most inane, stupid ad on television right now. I say the folks at JWT should try their hand at something else – anything but advertising!This is what I read on one website:Hari Krishnan, executive business director, JWT Delhi said, “The new campaign celebrates the spirit of Youngistaan – their audacious self belief. The confidence with which youth challenge convention and overcome obstacles in their way and get what they want. ‘Wow’ stands for two things: firstly, the 'Wow' refreshment and magic of Pepsi Cola, and the 'Wow' impact created by Youngistaan in the world around them.Seriously, what are these guys smoking?


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