New Year, New Blog

Hello, all.

To begin with, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read my blog. What Is An Insight has been my canvas to talk about advertising – as an insider – and I hope you’ve found it interesting.

I find myself confused about this blog, however. I’m not sure what content to put up on it – which would explain the often lengthy intervals between posts. I haven’t yet figured out a consistent writing style. These are things I know I should have done right in the beginning, but this blog just happened.

So now I’m struggling.

In the New Year, I will revamp What Is An Insight. New look. New focus (still as an insider). And a new writing style.

Hopefully, you will still find it interesting.

In the meanwhile, have a happy and safe New Year. And here’s a useful link to get you through 1st January 2010.



3 thoughts on “New Year, New Blog

  1. Hello. I work as a software programmer in Mumbai. I came across your blog while searching for copywriters, who describe their job in detail, so that I could get an insight. I'd like to know (if you have time) whether prior experience is necessary to obtain a job in this field. For example, on applying to Ogilvy, I was told that I would have to have 3-4 years of experience. I told them that I've achieved the publication of 20 "letters to the editor" written to some national dailies.Also, I'd like to know whether people in such firms as Ogilvy or Lowe Lintas are "rude" or "snobbish". From your blog, I read about the person who was reprimanded for not standing up when the NCD went by. I always had the impression that creative people were very friendly. It is because I don't think that I'll be able to work in a non-conducive environment with people "breathing down my neck".Thank you.


  2. hi abhid,thanks for reading the blog and commenting.let me answer your questions one by don't need any prior experience to apply to an ad agency. i joined as a fresher out of pg college, with just two advertising internships to my name. since you've been a software programmer, which has nothing to do with advertising, you'll have to begin as a trainee copywriter, at a low salary.unfortunately, letters to the editor count for very little when applying for a job. all one can fathom from them is your command over the language. what you need is an advertising portfolio. this is how i did it, and what i recommend to everybody who wants to be a copywriter:first, read a couple of books. i'd recommend the copy book (international version) and cutting-edge advertising by jim aitchison. also luke sullivan's hey mr. whipple, squeeze this. borrow them from a library and xerox them, or just buy them off the internet. read them cover to, watch some tv. read a few newspapers. not for the content, but for the ads. pick a few brands – they could be anything, but preferably pick brands in different categories. 1 beverage, 1 fmcg, 1 industrial, etc. analyse the ad, figure out what they're saying, who they're talking to, etc. then write ads of your own for those brands. focus more on print, because that's what'll get you a job, not the tv work. write campaigns of at least 3 ads. this shows you can think beyond a single ad. draw out the ad – a pencil scribble is also fine. write out your tv scripts nicely. it'll help today to think of web and mobile ideas as well. put all your sheets into a neat file, and voila! you have a portfolio.let me reassure you that creative folks in agencies are generally very friendly and outgoing. everyone's looking for new talent, and always keen to encourage it. neither lowe nor ogilvy is snobbish. if you visit carrying your portfolio, you'll most often get an interview with a creative director. though i wouldn't recommend cold-calling.hope this helps. good luck.samit


  3. Hello again, and thanks for spending time to reply. I'll surely follow your advise of creating a portfolio of a few ads. Actually I wrote about the 'letters to editor' experience, as it may demonstrate the ability to express an idea in a very constrained space; otherwise one could possibly write entire editorials on the issues. So, I thought may be this could possibly act as a portfolio of past work.It's good to know that people at ad agencies are friendly though the blog post, "Mr. President" didn't exactly suggest that. I mean, in my company the CEO may walk by without anybody even glancing up. However, I was mostly attracted by the perception of the friendly nature at ad agencies.Thank you.


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