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View From The Loo

Here’s a little known insight that springs from the gents’ loo at work.

“If you happen to meet a fellow colleague in the loo at the beginning of the day, you will continue to meet him in the loo for the rest of the day.”

It’s strange, but true.

I think it has something to do with the fact that everyone’s bladder fills up at the same rate. And that people drink (more or less) the same amount of water in a given period of time.

In fact, I’m sure there’s a way to calculate the frequency of loo breaks. As follows:

Let w be the amount of water consumed per hour, in litres/hour.
Let b be the amount of water a normal human bladder can hold, in litres.
Let h be the number of hours between loo breaks.
By logical calculation, h=b/w
So, for example, if w=0.5, b=1, then h=1/0.5=2 hours.
So simple.

Now for a short message to all those good people who’ve put down things like, “Mothers want what’s best for their babies,” or “Baby skin is 3 times thinner than adult skin” in the Consumer Insight section of the Creative Brief.

This is an insight.


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